Who we are

About Heart&Soul Roaster

Heart & Soul coffee is small batch and lovingly fire roasted by hand in Flesherton, Ontario. We sourced our fair trade, organic, solar dried coffee beans from Cafe Solar, an amazing co-op operated by four women in Yoro Honduras. Your coffee will be delicious, smooth bodied, with syrupy, nutty, earth tones, and a gentle to medium acidity. Heart & Soul is passionate about the bean from the coffee tree to your cup – allowing you to craft endless coffee possibilities.   

  • Fire Roasted
    Fire Roasted
    We slow roast our beans over a fire to uniquely unlock their aromas and flavors
  • Fair Trade
    Fair Trade
    Our coffee beans are Fair Trade because we believe everyone should share equally in the profits.
  • Organic
    Our coffee beans are organic to bring our the beans full flavors and aromas.
  • Small Batch Roasted
    Small Batch Roasted
    Our fire roasted coffee is crafted in small batches and tended to by hand.